Still Suspicion Holds You Tight - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

You're everything you need and so you fight
You take them on your own until you die
The wisdom in your breath comes much to late
So everyone you see just gets a face
In time they say the words will come with faith
But everything you see just turns you gray

No mind or cares decisions must be made
Whose side who's on no questions should be saved
Your purpose comes when nothing's left in sight
And it's clearly seen that nothing here feels right
Now everyone's a threat cause no one moves
Not towards anything worth anything to you

The righteous come and bleed you from the bone
It's all they ever wanted from your soul
They're hidden in intensions and no more
And it's all you'll ever get if you let go

You're everything you need
The still suspicion holds you tight
You're everything you need
But still suspicion holds you tight

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