Black at The Center - Blaqk Audio

What was the question? I've been lost in flames too long.
"Would I still love you even if the fire were gone?"
Repeat the question, as I crawl into the sun.
I know I love you. It's the worst thing I have done well.

I've been chasing flames that repeat my name.
Though I'm bowed by pain I can't deny it.

If you want the truth, yes, I still love you.
it's the worst thing I could ever do
but I'm helpless and I'm freezing and you're teasing me by tearing down the sun over and over.

Oh this feeling will remain, you'll be forever - only if we part can you keep my heart.
For this feeling to remain just tell me, "Never." And the saddest part
is that you'll keep my heart from me.

Will you hold my heart for me?

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