Play The Game - Blazin' Squad

Play the game,we're lightin' on a blazin' flame,
U know we're gonna break it up, rip it up,
U know we're gonna blaze it up, so what's r name?,
Play the game, we're lightin' on a blazin' flame,
U know we're gonna break it up, rip it up,
U know we're gonna blaze it up, so what's r name?,

You wanna, play me at my own game, so lame,
What blud?, u'r goin' insane, ur the 1 to blame,
Wen u jus' get shamed,back 2 back, wen i bust thru the door,
U want more?, encore, u betta be sure,
Wen i rock the mic, i ride the mic raw, spit lyric galore,
Man gonna get bored, get jacked, wen i'm unda attack,
Man got probably, song 2 song dat, in an XRG,
So u can't catch me, feel crazy coz i a-g-e,
Don't say nothin', don't diss, don't test, my ability,
To ride the m-i-c, coz i do it prop-ly, so blaze an' i'm a tru blazer,
Don't come coz blazin' gonna get ya,

(Melo D)
You already know me, call me M to the D,
Wen i bish it and spit it, you'll never wanna leave,
Wen i lyrical attack can u feel the spit in my heart?,
Coz my lyrics r shot like a bullet, here i come again,
Never gonna stop me now, king of all MC's,
Never nab my crown,otha MC's never gonna lock this down,
Coz i'm back and i'm phat and i'm a bad boy now,

(Rocky B)
Step on the mic,trust big out slang, r gang be nang,
U might be prang of this gang, go twang,
I'm jus' a chichichiban, the rock of all these gangs,
Coz i rock these streets, with a ball u know, oh oh oh oh oh,
I'm a lyrical G, step to Rocky, S-H-O-T, shot!,


So what's r name?,Blazin', so they wanna try shhh,
Startin' trouble and pain,and they can't touch me,
Coz i'm not that lame, and they can't touch me,
At the end of the days, coz i smash the cru into smash days,
For young MC's we start a new craze, like a brand new faze,
Spit my lyrics, create a hard blaze, oh my dayz!,

I've got a cold heart, as hard as rock,
Wen i pick up the mic i never flock, don't stop,
We're top, it's time to bop, step 2 my boys and u'll get shot,
What's shot?, that's true, as we bury the tune,
Big up me and my blazin' cru, who r u?, we're new,
So who, what to?,say 'boo' and blazin' hits u,

Don't mess with me coz i'm not 2 nice, if u wanna play my game,
U'd betta think twice, coz u can't see me i'm a poltergeist,
As cold as ice,roll my lyrics jus' like a dice,
Givin' u the vibe from ur head 2 ur toes, Reepa's my name,
And i'm blazin' up the show,with my blazin' boys to a fast tempo,
Like a bomb i'm about to blow,

Them mans wanna keep on prayin',
Them mans wanna keep on sayin',
Them mans want beef, wanna keep on playin',
U don't test me and my family, like S-P,P,P-I-K double E,
K-R-A-Z-Y, that's me,
Sound of my dj T da Tom B,
Blazin' squad that sounded heavy!,


Don't say nothin', don't diss, don't test,
Don't say nothin',don't diss, don't test,
Don't say nothin', don't diss,don't test my ability to ride the m-i-c,
Don't say, don't say, don't say nothin', don't diss, don't test me,


Blazin' squad that sounded heavy! x2


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