We Just Be Dreamin' (Rap Version) - Blazin' Squad

Let's blaze it,up,up,
Let's blaze it up,up,
In the sunshine,
In the sunshine,
Let's blaze it up in the sunshine,

Close my eyes,and i'm there again,
We got girls,weed smoke in the air again,
We dreamin', we just be dreamin',
And i'll be livin' in the sunshine,

I close my eyes,i'm still here but my mind's in the sky,
Sun is blazin', girls r cravin',4 the seat in my ride,
Parties 'til the early mornin', jus' chillin' in bars,
Showin' off ur sports cars,yea, just havin' a laugh,

Wen i'm dreamin',i'll b hittin' the heights,gawpin' the sights,
Of women in bikinis, kotchin' day and night,
An' every1's chilled, skies blazin', the air's filled,
Wiv the atmosphere of ladies that know the deal,

Eyes closed,i miss most times i once wrote,
I hope summer's this damn good wen i'm old,
But 4 now i'm chillin',billin' and forfillin',dreams of women,
Head's still spinnin' from yestaday, part of my brain's missin',ah,


Now the dreams were to me reality,but suddenly,
The feelin' of dreamin',my destiny i was recievin',
I'm on such a high,a good time,lookin' 4 memories,
Can't believe it's gonna b so different this summertime,

(Melo D)
I close my eyes and dissapear into another land,
Dreamin' about beaches and girls runnin' in the sand,
We livin' it up in the summertime,that's what i said,
Chillin' outside in the sun all day,heat gettin' us red,


Yo, me and the boys r here what d'ya know about us?,
How we roll in the summer, how we blaze,bunnin' it up,
Runnin' the beats,sunnin' the streets,1 in the club,
Lovin' the heat, comin' 4 me,whips pickin' me up,

(Rocky B)
It's the holidays,girls in the park,it's a lovely day,
Baby momma's chillin' wiv their friends,watch their babies play,
Past summers flash back like they where yestaday,
Betta days,chirpse girls,chill,blaze the day away,

Summertime's hot,girls,there's alot,alot 2 blaze,
In these dayz of summer,if ur a bunner it's funner,
Coz u jus' sit there and wonda,sittin' unda the sun,
All the girls and boys they come togetha as 1,


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