Who Ya Trynna Scare - BlocBoy JB

Hah, hah

Trafficking throughout the city, keep Glocks with them sticks and them thugs with me (With me)
I catch an opp in the streets, RIP him, you think that I brought turtle doves with me (With me)
It's still F-R-double-E, man, a n_gga killed P, but you know that his cuz with me (Crip)
And I feel like a pharmacy 'cause I got this OG and these designer drugs with me (Gas), you dig?
Say the wrong thing, then I'm gon' split your wig, you dig? (You dig?)
How you a hitter but when you be shootin' you hittin' them little kids? (Woah)
McDonalds, I eat a McChicken with bacon, but I do not f_ck with pigs (F_ck 'em)
Where I'm from, n_gga, we totin' them Glocks, we do not f_ck with SIG's, you dig? (Yeah)
Bullets spittin' like a beat (Yeah)
We pull up with the .223 (Three)
I can be a glass in the sun, bet a motherf_ckin' opp can't see through me (Facts)
Three holes in the head, he got bowling ball status
Strike a n_gga out, first degree ('Gree)
B_tch, I'm icy to the teeth (Teeth)
I ain't never wear no turtleneck tee (Nope)
Make him run, he Deion with the cleats (Yup)
No baton but the boy police (Police)
Bought my car, n_gga, ain't sh_t leased (Leased)
Try to rob, n_gga, ain't sh_t sweet (Nope)
Who you tryna scare shootin' guns in the air?
What you tryna start, a track meet? (Yoom)
Pockets on fat, back meat
I get more ass than an Uber backseat (Uber)
But I don't do pick-ups, this .40 right here got the hiccups (Hiccups)
My pockets strong and sh_t like a sit-up (Sit-up)
You put your hands on her, you know you wrong and sh_t
My n_gga, that sh_t not official ('Ficial)
B_tch, I'm the sh_t like toilet tissue (Tissue)
Say the wrong thing, then the boys'll get you (Word)
You want this beef, then you need to catch up and get you a deal, I ain't order pickles (Nope)
Bread, I got that sand like a sandwich (A sandwich)
I just made this sh_t off the head, this sh_t is literally talent (It's talent)
I just spent five bands on some Nae Naes, I used to wear the New Balance (Woah)
Smokin' the dope, spinnin' like a BeyBlade, this sh_t right here keep me balanced (Gas)

Smokin' is helpin' me balance
I got your b_tch right now, she 'bout to show me her talent
And I'm ballin' on these n_ggas, shootin' like Ray Allen
And these n_ggas, they some hoes, and they stay silent, facts
Say the wrong thing, get whacked
N_gga can't never say nothin' like me, get my chain snatched
'Cause I always keep me a chopper, n_gga, that's no hat
N_gga, your b_tch wanna take a pic, yeah, Kodak

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