Till I'm Gone - Blu Cantrell

I gave him love
I gave my all
I gave myself
I lost control
Held nothing back
I just let go
Now I'm realising
I've been all alone

He won't love me
Till I'm gone
But I don't want him
'Cause he's wrong wrong
Now he love me
'Cause I'm gone
But it's just too late
'Cause now
I found someone

I'm looking
For an everlasting love
The kind that
Every girl dreams of
But every time
You said you love me
Boy you lied
Now all I have for you
Is goodbye


Lord tell him something
'Cause he lost his mind
If I could rewind
I wouldn't give him the time
I'll take all this pain
And throw it all away
But I realise
You ain't good enough for me

[Chorus ...till fade]

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