Battle of Someone - Blues Traveler

Well, I love no one and I don't care who knows
Don't care if you're far away
Don't give a damn if you're close
I'm a vacant distraction of a broken old man
I lack shape or color
Not even gray or even tan
I'd hate all I see but it makes me too tired
I'm much more at home, when left uninspired
So damn me to hell, and resist if you must
But lower your eyes once, and I'll emerge from the dust
For I am nothing
Yes I am nothing
Yes I am nothing,
And I love no one
Well, I love everyone, I am filled with delight
I understand all your feelings I don't see from wrong or right
I'm the look in your eyes when you're telling the truth
I'm the wisdom of age, and the beauty of youth
I am shape, substance, color, darkest black, palest white
Speckled gold ringing mirror, sharp soft and bright
I'm rage, passion, laughter, and the need to know why
Come sample all my riches, I'm pure stimuli
For I am everything
Yes I am everything
Yes I am everything,
And I love everyone
[Under the sun]
Well, I can only love someone, I am just a person
My father loved my mother, and I am her son
The preceding verses are the halves of my soul
I'm just the battlefield, and that is my role
There's a tug-of-war between what I can and can't feel
The inevitable compromise determines the real
The equation the reason for my being here
The struggle resulting in my invention of the tear
For I'm only something
Yes I'm only something
Yes I'm only something
And I can only love someone
And it's the best I can do,
It's the very best I can do
You're probably someone else
So perhaps I love you
Perhaps you'll love me too
Perhaps you'll love me too
Perhaps you'll love me too
Be doo be doo...
Skoodly ooodly ag be doo (etc.)

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