Change - Blues Traveler

Lyrics: John Popper
Music: John Popper

I can feel the autumn on the summer's heels,
I hate to notice how much colder the night it feels.
And your leaving me. Yes, you're leaving me.

Time to change. Time to change.

I can remember a time not too long ago,
but now I almost wish I didn't so these memories wouldn't hurt me so.
Wouldn't hurt me so.

Afraid of change. Afraid of change.

Just take what you learn from your past.

Feel your heart and your mind
yearning and burning and learning and turning so fast.
So goddamn fast.

Freedom of change. Freedom of change.

Time for your dreams to be put to test.
Time to find out that you're just like the rest.
It's so decieving. So decieving.

A part of change. A part of change.

Da da da da da doe doe da da....

Can you feel the excitement that's about to take place?
A bold new adventure with so many dangers you must face.
At time's you'll hope, but you're all to hold on to.
And freedom, and untold possibilities couldn't stop you.

Some freedoms make you free to last.
Of all the questions you might ask, let this one go.
Let this one go.

Will I change? Yes you will change.

So the road is yours and without end.
Remember me always, because I am your friend.
I am your friend.

And now change. You and I will change.
And we'll be alright. Yes we will...

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