Sailing Nights - Bob Seger

Like the wind that carried ahab

To a far, more distant shore,

To a shipwreck that was certain

Long before.

I can see there's no use sailing

Among ships i've known before.

It will only bring me more,

And more and more

Lonely sailing nights, more,

Racing, dimming lights.

Lonely nights, and all too

Familiar sights.

Just as water seeks its level,

So i only seek to live;

Hoping somehow i can find

A way to give.

And the sea, it softly beckons,

"come and go where you've not been."

With the dawning of a new day,

I'm gone, again.

Lonely sailing nights, ... gone,

Racing, dimming lights,

Lonely nights,

And all too

Familiar sights.

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