The Real Thing - Bobby Caldwell

Here comes tyhe night once again
I'll be feeling lonely
Oh, if only things could work out like you plan

Where can love be
Tell me why it's so hard to find somebody
who will stand by me
and take the time to understand

i want the real thing
or nothing at all
i need someone that i can be sure
will catch me if i should fall
someone who'll be there when i call
then i;ll know that is the real thing
i want the real thing
to wamr me each night
someone who will make it all right
just give me the real thing

where is the moon
wont it smile
on just one more dreamer
let your beams come down
and fill my empty room
here comes the night
but if there's still a change taht love can find me
i'll be there, crossing my finger

back to chorus

i want to know for sure
that i can feel secure
knowing i've found an everlasting love
and once i get under control
then i wont let go


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