Living Life - Bobby Shmurda

Rowdy Rebel)

[Verse 1 - Bobby Shmurda:]
Let me tell you I'm conceited, b_tch, I don't need a b_tch
They be begging me to breed a b_tch, but I can't keep a b_tch
You know me, right after I beat it b_tch, Imma leave it, b_tch
I ain't even with the screaming sh_t, Imma freeze a b_tch
Then ask Monte where my sneakers went, with the Beamer whip
Shooting n_ggas front of Keisha crib, right where Keisha live
Homie, tell me if you need a shift, I'm at Rita crib
CC2's like every weekend, b_tch, ain't no sleeping this
Let me tell you 'bout my reckless life
I was selling white, homies 'bout to cause some wreck tonight
Ain't no check tonight, police looking for us left to right
Ain't no rest tonight, we on the run until the check is right
You get the message, aight?

[Hook x2 - Rowdy Rebel:]
Now what you know about that kitchen life
When we was pitching white?
People saying that our vision right, but we ain't living right
I told Bobby keep that pistol tight the way we living life
N_ggas turn into that jealous type when you start living life

[Verse 2 - Rowdy Rebel:]
I'm living life like a boss
B_tch, take a photo and get busy with a star
I'm living large so don't know the total to my car
But I just know that sh_t real fast when it start
Sh_t, watch me take off, I'm a fool, I'm a dog
I'm a n_gga that make music for a job
I'll drop a bomb on your big body cars
N_gga, what you thought? B_tch, I'm Rowdy, I go hard
With 30 bands then I blow it on the squad
Give a little bit of Shmoney to my moms
Remember when that n_gga used to jugg and rob
Now we living large

[Hook x2 - Rowdy Rebel]

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