Worldwide Nigga - Bobby Shmurda feat Ty Real

[Hook - Ty Real & Bobby Shmurda:]
I went to worldwide n_gga from the block
I was f_ckin' with some tools
(I was f_ckin' some BLAW!)
Now I'm a worldwide n_gga from the block
And I'm f_ckin' with some jewels
(I be f_ckin' with some)
I'm a worldwide n_gga
On the block, I was moving six to twos
(I was moving six to twos, n_gga)
The whole world know Bobby
They don't wanna meet the n_gga Chewy true

[Verse 1 - Bobby Shmurda:]
Trap digits, crack picture
I was pack flippin'
Cash gettin', mad different
I was fast living
Mama always told me 'bout my bad living
Now days n_ggas say I act different
But f_ck a case, my n_ggas still pack Smith &'s
And f_ck the J's, my n_ggas do bag flippin'
And if they blowin' gray, my n_ggas gon' clash with 'em
Shoot ops broad day, my n_ggas is mad with it

[Hook - Ty Real & Bobby Shmurda]

[Verse 2 - Bobby Shmurda:]
Goon n_gga, wroom n_gga
Here come chewy, you better move n_gga, move quicker
Oh, let me tell you 'bout that lose n_gga, crew n_gga
Robbin' n_ggas at the school, n_gga
First I check yo pockets, then yo homies, and you boom n_gga
Boom n_gga, let's go to war, let see you crew thicker
Shoot quicker, I run around with a few n_ggas
You n_ggas know 'bout my shmurders, we will move n_ggas
Fool n_ggas, keep playin' wild like the school, n_gga
So play with mines, we gon' leave you on the news, n_gga
They askin' why chewy shot him on the stoop n_gga
Wasn't they friends? Man, I thought them boy's cool, n_gga
But in the end, you ain't really know the truth, n_gga
(He ain't know)
He is talkin' to the woop, n_gga
(He ain't know)
Woop n_gga, woop woop
Woop n_gga, woop woop
Woop n_gga, woop woop

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