Come Touch Me - Bobby V

[verse 1]

It's one of those nights girl
you know just what I need
I don't have to spell it out
you bring out the freak in me
ooh something terrible
I'm getting sweaty right now so

Please come touch me (yeah)
I need it right now
so do what you do and please me (alright)
kiss me right there baby nice and slow

[verse 2]

The door will be unlocked girl
There's no need for a key
just be looking real sexy
can't wait to feel your smooth skin
Coco brown with pretty feey ooh you fulfill my needs
How do you do that there girl
somebody taught you well
you're just like a ball player
you bounce it everywhere your game is so tight
and you bless me every night with the magic that you do, that you do
(baby do that thing)
[Chorus X2]
[Break X1]
[Chorus X3]

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