Want You to Know Me - Bobby V

[Verse 1:]
I been a hustla and a playa for a while now
and it's time for me to settle down now.
I been thinkin about a life with you girl,
I want a baby that looks just like you girl.
We've been off and on
and I'm really tired of other girlz.
You're the one!
Material things dont mean nothing to you,
without love behind it
this is it, I quit
let's get down girl

I want you to know me better to know me
cause baby I can see the future,
you know we should be together.
I'm not gonna play with you,
so don't you play with me.
Let's put this thing together baby
I'll leave these other girlz alone

[Verse 2:]
All my friends keep hating on you girl,
but they dont know you changed the man in me girl.
I done had a lot of loves in my life time,
but I keep comin back to you, now I know why.
You been down for me and you had my back when danger comes around me.
You're my world, my center of gravity and no one knows me like you.
This is it, I quit, let's get down!!
[Repeat Chorus 2 times]

I'm so serious about you and me
and the only thing missing on your finger is a ring.
Please believe that games are over, it's real what I'm saying
I feel like you're my soulmate.
How could I ever do you wrong?
I want you to know me.
[Repeat Chorus until fades out]

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