B-boys And Fly-girls - Bomfunk MC's

* B-Boys & Fly-girls throw your hands in the air
Aah yeah, like you just don`t care

[Repeat * , *]

Old school sounds, come down blastin'
All the homies in tha house, you know they`ll be maxin'
Coolin`out with style like back in tha days
Representin` the skills, puttin`s**kers in their place

** Funky fresh with the most finest
DJ cuttin`records so you could impress
All the flygirls, yeah, the sexy ladies
See ain`t no doubt about, what`s happening later

[Repeat * , * , * , *]

2 turntables and a microphone
That's all we need to rock on the show
Bam, bam, bam are you ready for yes, yes, yallin'
Get your funky ass up, this the last calling

[Repeat **]

[Repeat * , * , * , *]

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