Borderline - Bon Jovi

They're calling me out but there's nothing to say
So talk to me now before it's too late
Ooh they say it could happened but I saw your picture breathe
That fifty dollar doctor said your love is a desease
I'm allright, I'm okay

Still I don't know how and I don't know why
the talk turns to shout so we stand on the edge of good-bye
Is this the end of the beginning
or the beginning of the end
Are you friend of the enemy or enemy of the friend?

I walk the borderline between day and the night
wrong and the right - borderline
The voices they scream from inside of me on the borderline
I walk the borderline.

I hear talk on the streets, I hear rumors of you
The people I meet say the lies are all true
Then I wake up in a cold sweat find you lying fast asleep
Is my dream a reality or my reality a dream?


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