Real Life - Bon Jovi

I wish that life was like it is in the movies
Cause the hero always gets his way
No matter how long it gets on that dark lonely road
At the end he's got a smile on his face

But when you threw me out to the lions
No one saved me as I fell from your grace
No one wrote me new lines for what I said wrong
what I did wrong I could not erase

* This is real life, this is real love
This is real pain, that much I'm sure of
These are real tears, these are real fears inside
that I can't hide

I wish that I could be a white knight in armor
With an army just to bring you back home
But I'll admit I'm scared of dialing your number
Someone else is gonna answer the phone

Why can't it be like it is on TV
When the orchestra plays
And you come back to me

[Repeat *]

** This is real life, this is real love
These are real wounds that I'm bleeding from
And I realize this is real

I always thought that our love
Was a story book tale
God knows that I'd never dreamed
In the end it would fail

[Repeat * , **]

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