Can't Give It up - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Krayzie Bone - repeat 4X]
There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know)
If you want everything you want (But sh_t I don't know, I don't know)

[Krayzie Bone]
My life is a jungle, I struggle hustle Monday through Sunday
They tell me the world is mine but sh_t I don't want it, who want it?
How could it be mine and I'm still hungry, still hungry
Lost and lonely - so I holler at the voices of the wind as a friend
But I predicted this endin, back in the day
Cuz I had visions of bad decisions knew n_ggaz would go astray
Although we pray and we pray and we pray
We do but still wanna make the loot
No more united, divided we fall, n_gga and hard
We all dealt f_cked up cards but don't complain;
just play the hand that you was dealt
You play 'em right you prevail - you play 'em wrong then you fail
It ain't hard to tell, when you been headed for self destruction
Cause I, could look at the piece of the puzzle
It ain't no love involved - everything we was dissolved
We all hard as one, but together we raw
And there ain't a n_gga that can f_ck wit that
We split up, we tied up, my n_gga wassup wit that
Lettin the devil get in, to the pen
Devils pretendin to be friends
We was taken by that snake in the grass
Should of stuck the n_gga fast
Yeah, that motherf_ckin snake in the grass
We dropped our guards and he got inside us like a virus
Now our family reunion done turned into a family crisis

[Bizzy Bone - repeat 4X]
There's always something you got to give up..
If you want everything you want..

[Bizzy Bone]
I was never on some solo sh_t
Always down to roll and blow a head off
He dead off and don't know me, don't tell me you love me
When I was lonely and my daddy died
all of my n_ggaz came to the church
And thanks for comin, I'm still stressed out over the death
When I take my breath and puff my cigarette
I think the world is just collapsin
But I'm still rappin get it all off my chest
So I came back to the action
When the bird was flyin, low, and laughin
Family bashin 'til it just happened
Then Wally passed - and he asked me, "Wasn't it tragic?"
Louie askin me if he'll ever come back so hard
We tell the truth, no use in beatin around the bush
Baby I'm sorry.. it's alllll in the game
Throwin up blood - f_ck it Layz'
Let's sign our life awayyy..

[Wish Bone]
Now see me? I ain't givin up a motherf_ckin thang
It's hard to come by - and I ain't no b_tch n_gga
Sh_t been in some robberies and walkbys
and you don't want that; neither do I
But I will, I will - cause I'm a hustler, hustler
High 'til I die, I'm gon' get mine
Even if it mean murder, gettin caught, f_ck it let me fry
Know it's hectic, n_ggaz start sh_t nowadays..
But I'm a hustler just like you, don't bring that sh_t my way

[Layzie Bone (Bizzy Bone) - repeat 4X]
Well if there's somethin you can't give up (would ya give it up)
To get everything you want (I can feel the love)

[Layzie Bone]
Hell naw I'll be thugged out n_gga, turned out n_gga
Runnin wit n_ggaz thats killas;
the realest that be shermed out n_gga
Spittin my prophecy ain't no stoppin me
I'm comin through with the motherf_ckin shotty
I really don't wanna hurt nobody; just kill off Illuminati
F_ck the D-E-A and the F-B-I
I-R-S can kiss my ass, U-C-P-D, F-C-C
Y'all better quit too 'fore a n_gga come blast you
Blast you - "Hit 'Em Up" like 'Pac did
Take 'em hostage, terrorize and torture
Your ghetto resource'll be pay back, pay back
Little Lay dat, young n_gga with scrilla
and b_tch I thought you knew
You got a beam on me? I got a beam on you
You f_ck wit me? I'ma f_ck wit you
Beeitch! Like it always be
Y'all b_tches gon' have to kill me, feel me!
You gon' have to pop me, to even try to stop me from grindin
I'm leavin you blinded by the size of Mo Thugs 'til you find us
All the n_gga know what the hood like
In the streets gotta get that good life
Sellin that yea up under the street light
It's the hood life, don't fight
A n_gga want out but just can't get out;
so I guess I gots to face it
All them dreams of havin big thangs, I'm still gon' chase it

[Krayzie Bone - repeat 4X]
It's always somethin' you got to give up (Yeah, I know)
If you want everything you want (But sh_t, I don't know, I don't know)

Here they come, wait can I barktalk Bone, jumpin it feelin
Better now, better hit 'em with the future shot
But feelin like Pac, that's what the guy thought
But this sh_t don't stop, I send much love to the pop
Droppin this sh_t today, we kickin this thug music
Better love us, so when I love smokin buds on the bus
See we gone sells out that'll make you lust
My n_gga don't play too close, my thugs in heaven and sh_t
My n_ggas'll pop with the pistols, and snap out the holsters
And cover a snitch all wet
Why the f_ck could not he write me S-E-T for the second sincerely
We baggin 'em up rollin n_ggas and throwin 'em in the wasteland
Soldier, told ya n_gga we gone have our time
Like daughters in heaven don't tell him, on his knee
He's fell, he better hope he don't fall victim
N_ggas pick up another, then they run
But I'm through with the body b_tch ah
But when they want it, yea he just in the business
Flesh givin you pain or pleasure, whatever you want I'ma bring
Young, but them package you'll be impressed

[Repeat until fade:]
[LB] If it was somethin you can't give up
[KB] Yea I know (Would ya give it up)
[LB] To get everything you want
[KB] But sh_t I don't know I don't know (I can feel the pump)

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