Change The World - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Big B

[Big B]
Raising hustlas, thieves and prostitutes
Young homie, think before you shoot, murderer
Where will our children go
When there's no place safe where they can go

[Bizzy Bone]
And trouble may come and sometimes
You'll get pulled over by one-time
And when the 1999 rewinds, you didn't even make any strides
Murder all around the whole world, it's nauseatin
Everybody's hatin everybody, overrated
Why everybody actin agitated, I thought we graduated
Back in the saddle waitin, aboard the battle station
Haitin is a birth defect and you know ain't nobody perfect
And when the curtains, close open up the door, no more

[Bridge-Big B]
See we loosin this world we love
And it looks like the sinnin won't end
So I'm reachin high up above
Lord, let your blessings begin

[Hook-Big B 4x]
And let's change the world, and let's change the world

[Flesh Bone]
It got me ready to set off the riot
Ridin wit my Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls
Here we go, roll up some more Phillies
My n_gga let me hit it
N_ggas we thugs and immortalized, let's get high
It's them n_ggas you most desire
I can remember from way back in the day
Comin up out the ghetto was a hell of a struggle
From sellin the fiends llello
But it was my dream to kick flows and put my people on another level
Now could it be for the lust (lust)?
Could it be for the rush (rush)?
My n_ggas love when they bust
They steady buck and they duck
They put your d_ck in the dust
My n_ggas creepin on a come up
Come up n_gga, killa, thuggish ruggish n_gga
N_gga, finna' descent into the dawn of a new millenium
Anticipatin life without Satan hatin,
and all enemies to hell, I'm sendin them


[Layzie Bone]
Everyday the devil at me
And I wish the Lord throw a Hummer at me, I ain't happy
Me and Eazy E in a B-E-N-Z, with my n_ggas right next to me
It's my legacy, we can't let it stop, uh uh, not now
The whole world endin up in buck-buck-pow
Corruption, destruction, disaster
Everybody tryna' rap faster than the master
Oh Lord, could you save my soul?
N_gga tryna go platinum 'round 40 years old
The Lord know we can do this sh_t
It ain't no stoppin us now 'cause we can prove this sh_t
N_gga me, Stew D, PD, Freaky G
The whole world wanna be ridin with me
I'm in the flesh, let's talk about sex
Babies havin babies, Generation X
With the AIDS epidemic, we ain't pure no more
And I know they gotta cure for this sh_t, we ain't rich
First we lost Eazy, then we lost Pac
Biggie got killed, when this sh_t gon' stop?
Everybody wanna know what's goin on
with the thuggish, ruggish, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone
Tryna' get prepared for the Y2K
And if I don't die today, Im'a try an change the world

[Hook 2x]

[Wish Bone]
You need a lesson you can love our rappin
But they try an ban it, realize that it ain't gon' happen
We done changed the world
Ghetto voices bein heard and failed
You know it's funny. I got my guns, better arm yourself
Most don't have a clue, if it goes down what to do?
Don't you know this government ain't built for me and you
I have a dream, no, I have a wish
If we can't save ourselve, then let's save the kids
Let the world go, let these babies have somethin
Let the world go, just don't blow this muthaf_cka up
You kill him, he'll kill you
Some say it stupid but violence really lives where I come from
Hungry little kids where I come from
Thugs like me where I come from


[Hook to fade]

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