Cleveland is The City - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Avant

Ooooh, oooo, cleveland
oh yeah
Bone Thugs sing wit me yeah

Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks

[Chorus overlappin hook]
Cleveland is the city that we come from
Cleveland is the city- City that we come from
Cleveland is the city that we come from
Cleveland is the city- City that we come from

[Verse 1: Krayzie]
N_gga wuz born and brought up in Cleveland
Cool quiet just like my daddy
When I wuz thuggin out in the alley
With my boys in a stolen Caddie
I wuz shootin the breeze, blowin some weed
And every now and then I sip some Hennesey
And after my n_ggas wuz bustin we probably wuz lookin for trouble
Uh Oh here come the po po
Yall better toss that yayo quick and tuck ya bankroll
Don't think I forgot where I come from dog cuz I know
Cleveland Ohio fo sho where we slung dope in the snow

[Verse 2: Wish]
I'm from the streets the streets of Cleveland
Its manditory you need it cuz n_ggas'll catch ya slippin
and n_ggas'll leave ya bleedin
F_ck what they said about Bone catch us anywhere
Grab a couple of my St. Claire n_ggas take us anywhere
We don't care
Handle that and take care of that
If it goes like that then it goes like that
It's Cleveland (Cleveland)
Its manditory to leave these n_ggas bleedin (bleedin)
And you could neva hate against Bone you wrong
U know we brung it on so strong

[Verse 3: Layzie]
We get em, split em, we hit em
And Bone been the sh_t since I could remember
Befo most of these n_ggas even thought about rap
We wuz screamin out no surrender
With a gat in the hand runnin wild in the land
With a pocket full of boulders
Po po know they can't hold us
When they east dog comin from the shoulders
And the older n_ggas they told us
U gotta get down fo yo hustle
Got glocks to show you this muscle
Get the money little n_gga don't struggle
That's no b_tch n_gga that's the rules
All my Cleveland n_ggas said to me
They're the ones that gave this game to me
Ima push this shed to the head ya see

[Verse 4: Bizzy]
Ya better believe Syann I be scared when I wuz there
N_gga you know I ain't goin nowhere
Your mother wuz my mother
Ya brotha is right here
In the Columbus but they loved me not
When I went to Cleveland they said where you been
When I'm unconditional with my loving
And at the C-L-E-V-E...L-A-N-D
And we get bucked on the block block block block
And n_gga remember I said weed this for we
And all them n_ggas that love me down in Columbus n_gga Cleveland Rocks



Cleveland St. Claire

[Outro: Bizzy (shoutin out)]
Wanna lend shouts out to all the St. Claire SCT's
St. Claire Thugs Original O.G.'s Gangsters
Shouts out to Buck, Fred Warr, Rod J, Tye, Troy rest in peace
We'd like to send shouts out to my n_ggas down the way
Cuz Cleveland Rocks n_gga and we love u
I wanna send shouts out to my n_ggas down there on Hull
Keep the struggle keep the movin ang going baby
I wanna send shouts out to my kins my n_ggas
What's up my n_ggas [laughin]
I told yall we wuz gone give yall some love n_gga what [laughin]
I wanna send shouts out to my Breman n_ggas
My Addams family n_ggas
My 10-5 gangster street heroin sellin n_ggas
I wanna send shouts out to my n_ggas all the way on 145th and St. Claire n_gga
152nd and St. Claire n_gga
U better believe in SCTs n_gga for life n_gga
Big Ben n_gga, 88th n_gga
Please believe in 95th, 92nd, 96th
And don't forget about 99 in this b_tch
[Laughin] economies decoders biz North America
Right on St. Claire baby
Right on St. Claire baby
Send us some business
Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns
Pleezbaleevit, the C-L-E...L-A-N...D
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Wish, Flesh, Krayzie, Bizzy and that lil n_gga Layzie

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