Eternal - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Where you from n_gga?

[Layzie Bone]
Straight from the muthaf_ckin' land ah the heartless
Five true thugs from the double glock
Ready ta pop to the dome, eternally it's on

[Verse 1: Layzie Bone]

Staright Mo Thug n_gga return from the Claire
Test this hustla betta not dare
We talkin' about distributing llelo
Little Layzie beat it
Daily collectin' me bank roll
Rollin' wid Trues, nothing to lose
Never the less ain't about that talking
Screamin' out murda coming ta serve ya
N_gga we told ya Bone be stalking, (we walking)
Number one assassin
Pick up the pump and it causing the 12-guage eruption
Let loose wid ah buckshot blastin'
Bone up outta the cut and we buckin'
Eternally here to stay in the khaki suits and the high tec boots
Oops I'm comin' wid troops, fools
Be ready ta shoot collectin' my loot
Blazin' and burnin' my grain
This year the same I crept and I came
N_ggas that fell off that thought they could hang
Givin' up slang tryna' f_ck wid ah chain gang BANG!
Str8 land ah the heartless
Where the thugs be thinkin' ah execution
Str8 prosecution little Lay go buck and start the fusion


Keepin' em on the run widda me shotgun
I swang wid ah clip tight clan
Keepin' em on the run widda me shotgun
Swang wid ah clip tight clan
Keepin' em on the run widda me shotgun
I swang wid ah clip tight clan
Keepin' em on the run widda me shotgun
Swang wid ah clip tight clan

[Verse 2: Bizzy & Krayzie Bone]

Come and follow me hollow point snub slug
Pullin' me body underground
Put 'em in the grave they lay away down
Claire Claire stay down
I'm one ah the thuggest muthaF_CKAS in yo city
Under me strap packed
Ride, ready me pap pap in broad daylight
You wid me roll well roll till the Bone drop hit that hydro
That's the way that we deal
That's the way that we steal
Well I really keep that high on, my mind ride,
Ride to the darkside feel the darkness
East ninety nine, mine the thugs I luvs 'em heartless
Yeah follow me now ride ride follow me commit some
You can run but won't escape the lie
So many tried but died

[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]

N_ggas be runnin' and duckin' them bullets
Ain't tryna' get scared or we all ah get sprayed
Gotta get away when the po-pos chase me
So me, runnin' wid me guage
Bang bang put 'em in ah coffin
Buck buck droppin' them bodies
(Come again) dumpin' them bodies
(Runnin' then) we finna posse
Thug what check out the glock glock
We to poetic for swang
N_ggas claim they came and remain
Smoke bud all day and maintain
They come they gun they run
From the po-po jump the fence
Hit 95th and now
N_gga let's roll some sh_t
Let's smoke out quick befo' anyone ah them
That's them the po-po back up on me
N_gga me f_cked up now
Little time they screamin' on 6-5
That's whenna me jumped up, I'm out now
Little n_gga playin' wid them police in the Claire
Get 'em up wid, beware I take
N_gga need some weed
That's funny I ain't got no money
N_gga put me down,
Swing to the bud stops for some brews
Really don't drink but it's for me Trues
Four crazy n_ggas wid nuthin' to looooose.


[Verse 4: Wish Bone]

I'm from the C-Town we beat 'em
Thug n_ggas done straight came up,
N_gga wanna test must rest
Buckshots all in that chest he's f_cked up,
Killas from the n_gga that's realer
In wid that Claire
Bendin' that dunn
Pop when they run dunn
Bodies gon' fall my Cleveland n_ggas what's up
Ya down for that thang gotta gang bang bang if you have to,
Beat ah n_gga down in any town,
But don't let me catch ya
Mentality straight from the C-Town
Where everyday n_ggas get beat down
Betta think before you run up
I gun up but I think keep peep this game now
To the n_ggas that's just gone by that f_ckin' wid Bone
Swang widda clip tight clan
It's all eternally flossed out
N_gga that's Bone.......

[til' fade]

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