Money, Money - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Layzie Bone]
Thangs can get rough, when you live in the ghetto
You gotta survive, no matter the pain
N_gga be hurting, life'll be hurting
But n_gga for certain, this is the game
Man don't let them win, never let the system think they got you
If you relentless they can't stop you let em hang, they gone watch you
Yeah we the enemies of the world, won't let no territories homie
You got to get up, get out and get something, that's what they told me
Back in the days didn't have a pot to piss, went to throw it at em
Now I'm balling doing my damn thang, laughing at them dollas
Holla holla, if you hear me shorty, I'ma live everyday
Like it's my last, only the winner gone get the glory
What you thought I play for keeps
Put it down wicked in these streets
Heavily armored with the heat
Just in case a n_gga want some beef
Being broke I know the feeling, that's why I'm paper chasing this cash
Better be smart and keep a stash, never know how long it's gone last
You do the math, hustling n_ggas multiply like mountains
Bone Thugs, Little Layzie 30 million and counting, come on

[Chorus - 2x]
Money money, the mighty dolla dolla
Got to get my grind on, grind on, grind on
I don't wanna be broke no more

[Bizzy Bone]
You ain't worthy, none of you n_ggas could stop me
And none of you n_ggas could hurt me
If worse come to worse, I'ma get down and dirty
Though the Ouija can't curse me, NWA
Eazy E, that's the n_gga that birthed me, hey
Thug style motherf_cker, live forget ends
I'd never testify, Satan can't divide my piers
No weakness inside my fears
Drop tears, for n_ggas that died
I'm gonna safe divide, mind gone
And I think I'm running out of time
The god damn baby's daddy
And I'm gonna damned to hell, if I don't abide
and that's why I yell, B-E-N-Z we ride
Straight to the corner, down to the side
In the B-E-N-Z we
Roll around the corner with the F-O-R-T
S-C-V, and a n_gga can't f_ck with me
Not even the devil with B-O-N-E
T-H-U-G spell it motherf_cker

[Chorus - 2x]

[Wish Bone]
Scandalous, straight up out of the hood type n_gga
Stick up's, robberies, do we did gives a f_ck n_gga
See all ways to money so we mashing, we dashing
Get paid around parting give me twist a thug and I get up, in that ass
I'm here to get that money keep it coming, show me love
We made this, gotta get mine wanna slip, it's about mine
It's harder to get, I'm serious not playing that's the pay wits
The streets have come back, real fast on that ass feel me
Cause I don't wanna be broke no more
Standing in front of the liquor store with rocks no more
Cause my man, never had nothing to done that
It's like reversing time on my mind I can't go back, f_ck that

[Chorus - 2x]

[Krayzie Bone]
I came up a n_gga that never had nothing but hard times
I was always grinding, and talking up out of the hood
Into the bullsh_t, but I'm surviving
I got to get me some money man, put it down for the General
A n_gga'd rob your ass, if I caught a n_gga flossing cash
What it was four n_ggas, and we punk n_ggas
But you no n_ggas got us scared, a couple more green
To get up for everything reach the scene, clean
And we was the n_ggas that stood on the block
With a couple of rocks and a glock with the cops
Can't nobody have the nuts to say our name
They call me the Dummy Man
I'm sell him a fat twenty piece and then I reach for the bomb
The things they get awfully man
Wanna see what I put them sh_t come
Took em for they last dollar, holla
Man I ain't giving a f_ck it's do or die
So get on the ground, lay it down
Give me some money my n_gga POW
I ain't waiting I need it NOW
Ain't too much changed
I'm still on the grind in deuce double O deuce
I'm just a little more serious
Bout my reefer and my dough
Show me the money

[Chorus - 2x]

[Wish Bone]
Let me hear you say make money, money
Make money money, make it...
Let me hear you say take money, money
Take money money, take it... - [2x]
Take it

[Krayzie Bone]
Dolla bill y'all, that dolla bill y'all
I gotta gotta gotta have that dolla bill y'all - [2x]

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