No Surrender - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

My n_gga just entered your business,
so can I get a witness?
Can you duck? F_ck the po-po, pow
Startin' to kick this, gonna get my sh_t, and then you f_cked up
Me buck. Me bang. N_ggas ain't talkin' 'bout them thangs.
Thugs remain, hang, swang with a click tight claim.
come again, now.
They drop down,
when I'm off the block,
F_ck them cops.
Me and Krayzie
runnin' through the Boneyard, daily.
Gotta give 'em up to the glock-glock,
so I can serve me thugs and maintain.
to the brain, and thugs remain to slang thangs
Long live the dope game, and it won't end ya,
as long as my n_ggas remember: no pretender
Get right up off the Clair, n_gga, F_ck it. No surrender.

[Chorus x2]
No Surrender

Not wantin' the copper to hit me a lick up,
found me a victim to stick up, pick up,
rollin' the nine-ball,slippin'
that's why me trippin'
bloody victim,
get him when the time calls, dog
Take two-eleven, bailin', thuggin', knowin' these n_ggas well,
then Bone's f_ckin' with the hoes,
here comes them po-pos.
N_gga, that pig done peeped me, me gots to flees and get my creep on,
Bone get gone, hit a wrong turn, mash the gas, and dash on.
Jump outta the hottie, move me body,
hittin' them cuts and trails, runnin' like we lunatics,
gotta make it back to Hazel daily
Escape and eludin' the chase.
buckin' me gauge, so n_gga, remember:
me killa, me no surrender.
Me killa, me killa, me killa . . .

[Chorus x2]

Puttin' me on my knees, tellin' me move and I'm dead,
'cause I'm killin' all your b_tches, turnin' them blue suits red.
And then I'm comin' to that funeral to shoot that b_tch up,
because I know that's where y'all b_tches is bound to meet up.
Cop killas, all up in they chest, and
I know what to do with that vest, man
Twenty-two shots. I killa.
You don't wanna f_ck with Bone, n_gga.
And it really ain't sh_t to pull a trigger on a copper,
'cause if I go down, some of y'all goin' down,
'cause I'm goin' down poppin, so motherf_ck all coppers,
Let me catch you slippin', n_gga, bet I pop ya.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop
Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop

Ya better believe it's judgement day.
So, n_gga, just throw your pumps up in the air.
Now kill 'em, kill 'em copper, like ya just don't care.
When they come, they come creepin'
Me peepin'
Gotta watch them po-pos sleepin'
put 'em in deep in gutters. Me keepin'
'til a me rich and gotta get mine, everytime
This'll be over in nine nine.
so, n_gga, get down for the crime,
gonna be more coppers dyin' in the line
f_ckin' with thugs
when I be slangin' my drugs,
tryin' to cuff me and my n_gga boy, gotta rip them guts,
and lay your head in blood.
Better check yourself next time you test and try to smoke a n_gga.
B_tch, remember: me killa. Me no surrender.
Me no surrender. N_gga, me no surrender.
Me no surrender. Don't make me put one in ya.
Me no surrender. Don't make me put one in ya.
Me no surrender.

[Chorus till end]

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