Retaliation - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

guess who's back
[scream+loud gunshot]
right about now its time for those notorious thugs
Bizzy, Wish, Krayzie, Layzie
Flesh, and that n_gga DJ U-Neek
mo thug takin over so you best beware
cuz we came to shut this motherf_ckea down

[Flesh and DJ Uneek talkin']
ya, bone comin back at you b_tches for the 97
ya, these mothaf_ckaz didnt think it was on
old playa-hatin ass n_ggaz ya my n_ggaz brung they style to the table 1st
n_gga, why dont you relize, reconize, idolize
its over b_tch, its the art of war

retaliation [6]

abort, when its the art of war
the art of war, of war

abort, when its the art of war
1 and 2 world war
playa playa we done party over time
see we done partied over time

(guess whos back) (BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY)

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