Servin' Tha Fiends - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Hey hey holla holla n_gga
What's happening?
I got the biggest boulders right here motherf_cker
These motherf_cking rocks fat,
Hey, at ten 'o clock I don't wanna see
None of y'all little n_ggas up on the motherf_cking block
Y'all got ta clear this motherf_cka off
Curfew n_gga, get ta f_ck up outta here off my block

[Verse 1: Bizzy Bone]

Who servin' tha fiends
Hundred thousands of green
For the love of money
Cash all around me
Demons can cloud me
While I'm in the county I can die
Flipped up my style-y as we came at the same time
Baby tempted, in the tension
Ouija sh_t got you demented
Crash the Benz and ending your sentence
Born for criminal defendants
Critical breaking in the ghetto bar thinking
Millenium sh_t like pestilence war and famine
Animals move animals reputed
Every daily grades let it be the reason
My Cleveland n_ggas revolve like dead bodies
In Eden leading seeping
And I don't wanna rock the pump
But I doubt it if I have ta pop the trunk
I'ma get 'em when they thinking they miss me what
N_gga that thuggish ruggish f_ck them up
Rolling wid my bucks in the biggest snatch sh_t
All of my dogs all of we lie
N_gga you touched and stuck on murda
Smoking up bud and f_cking up blunts
It was the 7th sign regime
Wid the nines and beams the philly and green
Wid a clik tight team and a n_gga like me
Ya couldn't go wrong wid we
Eyes bloodshot red when I floss instead
I rather run up and smash you wid a passion
And they chalking it off his head
N_gga instead I'ma let them bleed
N_gga, immortal warrior from the walking dead

It's just another day I gotta get paid
Who got the biggest boulder
Who servin' tha fiends

[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]

Now could this be B-O-B
The bad boy the Bone
I be thugging for eternal
Wanna test me it's on
Now where my n_ggas at
Pull a n_gga wig back
N_gga dig that dig that
All original peep the zone criminal here we go
From a place where a n_gga might bury ya
N_gga act up and I betta take care ah ya
Scared ah ya, I be ready for the war
N_gga I'm America's Most
Barely coast ta coast
If you ready for whateva you can ride wit me
But if you lie ta me and don't die for me
Look in my eyes and see you can't hide from me
Sleepwalk sh_t talk n_gga
That be running from n_ggas in the ghetto
Now get on my level rebuking the Devil
Representing like ah heavenly rebel
Even though my screws loose I can tigheten 'em up
And put a twist to the game like a monkey wrench
For the funny sh_t
All about the murda for the love ah money sh_t
Gettin' paid, got it made in the shade n_gga
If you got and I want it I'ma take it
N_gga made it and I told ya we'd make it
Kept it real and it'd neva be fake sh_t
Half baked and gone off this indoe stick
Wanna hit it call just as you next
Hit it two times and pass
And n_gga hold ya breath
Lay playing wid a half deck
Playin' wid ah half deck


[Verse 3: Flesh N Bone]

I'm f_cked up but I bail on the darkside
Dwell, wid the hustla ta get this mayo
Plannig ta sell the yayo for my mayo
Nobody be f_cking wid Bone top platinum
So ah now that you got that album fool
Tell me what in the f_ck you gon' do wid it
Stay drop and hit up they head
That ch'all can go and get
Peepin' here they come wake it off
So quicker they come wid ah weekly drumstick
Servin' them paper murda them 1-8-7 ova haters
F_ck you be done,
Did it wid n_ggas do whateva they gotta do
My n_gga just do what ya gotta do
Even if you gotta spark a few
Just rob a few jack move
It's just another day I gotta get paid
N_ggas ain't rapping the same way
Made n_ggas it figures now thug wid these n_ggas
That eating betta than the n_gga
Betta lay in low so when the po-po rolling
Stroll on my depths as a criminal
Homicidal activity bring 'em up all up
N_gga let's show this sh_t be real
But stack up realer than a n_gga talk gats loco
Straight smoke ah motherf_cka do it fast
Bucking 'em down here red on his back back


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