Shotz to Tha Double Glock - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Ooooooooooooo....killa [x2]

If you're down to glide and slide on the Clair, then let's ride
Tony Tone roll with Bone on the dark side
But when you come just bring your guns witcha
If your a busta n_ggas gone have fun witcha
So n_gga don't get me wrong, my n_ggas
Swang them thangs, bang some brains
Slangin' yayo, it all remains the same

Step and you'll catch some buck shots
Murder one on the Clair my glock glock
Mo thugs whats up n_gga get dropped
Put 'em in the mud, pop and I can't stop now
N_gga that I thug wit' kill
Pop to tha chest how does it feel
And n_gga we peel caps
Pap, fit to get your wig cracked back
Killin' I'm buckin em down, I wish ya would
Try to get some, redrum, b_tch
N_gga don't test my hood

A first degree murderin' wig splitta, grave digga
Diggin' a ditch, puttin' a b_tch
And them snitches in the pit, so don't f_ck with
Them n_ggas off the 9 9
The foundation of n_ggas commitin' a crime is murderin' every time
N_gga beware cuz here come the Clair
Mobbin' like them soldiers
Watch me fold ya
For actin' like somebody never told ya
So off we go, to the bloody row
Tryin' to blood some souls, with that nine shot
Givin' props to the double glock

Pump pump when I let my shell down
Hit a nick nack gimmee the goodies and n_gga me dash
Ya reach for the gauge and mash
Yell out 187 and blast
N_gga don't test nuts your luck's f_cked
You feelin' up right for the bone yard
Thuggin' off with the graveyard shift
Then comin' up blow your whole card, b_tch
Scandalous n_ggas, dwellin' the Clair be servin' them chop chop's
We rippin' them guts with buck shotz, pop pop

You better be ready for this thug style
Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Flesh with them wicked now
We straight up the glock glock
Well don't get your wig's split now
East 99 follow me down the strip as we trip to the darkside
Betta grab your pop, n_ggas be
Trippin' and flippin' as soon they get out
187 you're caught in a murder
N_ggas up to no good
Uh oh, f_ck no
They never could f_ck with a thug ho

Pop pop givin up shotz to tha double glock glock [x4]

Nuthin but them killas, straight up thuggas
Rippin bucks up bloody clothes
Gaugin' bloody watch this nickle trippin' shot and f_ck 'em down
Buckin' them coppas down
Round after round after round
Bloody bodies badges spread out on the ground
Ain't no sound, just them demons screamin' rest in peace
I guess you got ta suffer
Ready to pip hollow point tip, got your wig split
They made your body
Once you hunt my victims on a mission
Flippin' livin' on a darker side
Creepin' on your homicide
Let my nuts and my gauge hang low now walk on by,
Boogie Nikke's on a night ride

Thuggin through my thuggish ass hood at night, with my pipe
Thuggin down the double glock
Tryin' to get my serve on
Watchin' my back while six-five try to roll on
But one to the s_ckas head and two up in his body
Now peep my creep I eat the reefer smoke all up inside me
We jumpin' up rough from the hood
We bailin' we thuggin' we lookin' like crooks
Could tell we be fatal, ready to roll
Know we willing and able
Rollin' with Ruthless b_tch betta check my label
Murda dem, never come again
When the scandalous n_ggas set up
Bloody n_gga trues be on my level
Eighty eight and ten five is the soldiers ghetto
N_gga don't take the wrong turn
or you will enter the hood and were spittin
so cover your dome
At a cut where the thugs and hustlas roam
Cleveland Browns
Dogg Pound hoes, it's on

Let's begin in the mix, of a Clair player
You're liable to get your wigs split and dumped in a ditch b_tch
Cause them thugs, sendin' them slugs
Leavin' em off in the cut in a puddle of blood say what
Don't make me go in my trench
N_gga ya got me bent
All f_cked up,your luck's up, you gotta get sent
To your gravesite as John Doe for f_ckin wit those...

It's them thugs runnin' amuck,
on none but a slug all up in the territory
Never divide, go nationwide with the buck buck
So where you at where you at
I'm strapped and ready ta snap n yank a n_gga's neck back
puttin em Koolaid hats
In ta the graveyard
Pumped up betta get down
Thugs'll be glad ta tear around
Foe sombody gets f_cked
Ya still don't want some b_tch but what the muthaf_ck I wanna
Wham ya wit a tec-9
Now b_tch press yo luck

Pop pop givin up shotz to tha double glock glock [x16]

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