Whom Die They Lie - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Bizzy talking]
It's East 1999 time

I promise that I'll hunt you bastards
Zip 'em in casket, here to get drastic, fast in a hurry
Is you ready for me magic?
Let 'em blast, and n_gga, better burn
Then move, true to the murder mo, gladly
'Cause the haters never had to have me
Want to follow fools through alleys
'Cause ready to lose and daddy
who raised me like Layzie, Krayzie
Probably St. Clair babies, so hate me
But I handle my business
So lately I can handle my shady
Kill 'em, but we think I'm a bomb again
No leavin' as they put me in prison and give me time
I'm ready for the gun to go get'em
And I'm a fill 'em with eleven of mine and one die
Is he ready to lie if I decide
Lookin' at my killin's in his eyes and boom to go bye
I'm gonna fly (fly)
Whom die they lie

Whom die they lie

No mo' mercy...

Whom die they lie [Shot]

Now, who wanna go snitch?
Talk sh_t about real trues, still be payin' dues
Saw them sneakin'
And a n_gga gettin' sick of all the playas, they hatin'
Why so many fakers runnin' they mouth about sh_t and they lose
Lookin' so deep eyes, and tell it when they lyin'
Stop tryin', but they never convince none
Got hundreds runnin' up with gauges
Still I'm sure they sure they fryin' us, but I buck
Sometimes I save it, for me kill 'em off late at night
So, what if it got too late for me to get 'em?
Then gotta switch to testin' G's
In this game I aim to keep away from every crazy steady
we're too quick to pull petty bullsh_t
Y'all thought that you could f_ck with the Cleveland thugstas
#1 fillin' his gun, and I wish you would
B_tch, pop, pop and pump and have to show you through
When Mo' thugs comin' in, it's a headline
Time to get on top of moff top
When they got on stages all over this nation
World, and I plan on
Now look at you bustas get mad
Beat the f_ckas on their own line
Don't make 'em tell it to ya twice
When you crack a grip, keep it real
But you should die, pay the price top
Whom die they lie

Whom die they lie

No mo' mercy . . .

Whom die they lie [Shot]

Time to stick it for the thugsta, thugsta
Little sneaky muthaf_cka on a mission
Grind, be plottin' for it quickly
Who fried? Do or die, n_gga
You and I for the creep on the come up
And pay these n_ggas a visit
So is it, was it, wicked ways
Got me strugglin' for days
Hey, a n_gga's gotta eat, so yo
I gotta get paid and blaze
So swift not to catch a case
Crept up in his place
While the n_gga was gone for his safe
And his stones, and it's on
'Cause the Bones havin' a say
I won't forget this evenin'
N_gga had theif, Little Layzie Bone
Thievin', 'cause he had cameras hid off into his ceiling
Pin me, n_ggas run away
They said they lookin' for me
But I'm a find a n_gga killin' before this n_gga find me
Y'all n_ggas know a murder-bound city
See me when I'm servin' now, parlay it down
Breakin' it down in the C-Town
Spot 'em on the avenue, follow him passin' through
Get 'em at the next red light, green light
Got the go ahead, infrared on your forehead
Whom die they lie

Whom die they lie
No mo' mercy...
Whom die they lie [Shot]

I'm that n_gga with the shot and, red-hand
Answerin' n_ggas, poppin' enemy
Drop 'em
Me gotta get 'em
Kill 'em before they get the coppers on us
And you know the b_tches want us
But as soon as they close, it's the pap pap, pardon me
Take a look, and what you see;
Krayzie still runnin' from the police
'Cause I got a f_ckin' bag of weed
I'll be leavin' sale now on the scene
I can do it, I can kill 'em if he gotta be a casualty
He after me, but I'm a put a bullet through your head
Shoulda fled, but you didn't, so bye-bye
Take 'em a couple a days to get your body outta the sea
Meet your f_ckin' fate and in grave lay
St. Clair, Wasteland, all my n_ggas comin'
Oh but they can't take it, if you wanna make it
Break 'em, hey, or can't a n_gga get paid
Or your f_ckin' with some n_ggas in some desperate days
Crime, yes, it pays, if it's cool with it, cool with it
Never act a fool with it, broad, 'cause your losin' me
Tell a muthaf_ckin' n_gga, 'cause a n_gga told another n_gga
"I know who did it"
Rollin' with the thuggish bunch of all
Testin' nuts, and, n_gga, we'll cut your balls
It's Mr. Sawed-off, Sawed-off
Whom die, die, whom die, die, they lie

Whom die they lie
No mo' mercy...
Whom die they lie [Shot]

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