Exhil∆R∆Te - Born of Osiris

and I need to take a step back
I need to face the facts
that I'm intoxicated but now I need to
take a step back
save your sanity
you will be facing honesty
and I said I'd never leave
I need to take a step back

in this chase
my optimistic agenda's unchanged
whats at stake
a separation that leaves me unscathed
in this phase
I am standing and you're drifting away
now you're facing a chance to prevail
among the wrathful

your silence has awakened my abilities
it's taking over
take this message as a gift from me
you need to listen to your heart
can you tell what it says
we got the plan here
deconstruct, construct a new life
and never push aside your instincts
stay alive

this is endless power
coursing through our veins
triumphant in this hour
you will never look at us the same

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