Damn Thing - Bow Wow feat Da Brat

[Bow Wow:] Hey Shorty, What I Gotta Do ?
[Da Brat:] Say What ?
[Bow Wow:] To Get One Night With You
[Da Brat:] One Night
[Bow Wow:] I Aint Tryina Play No Game
[Da Brat:] Iis That Right?
[Bow Wow:] I'm Jus Tryina Do To Da Damn Thang
[Da Brat:] Hey Boy First Lemme Say
[Bow Wow:] Uh Huh... Wadd Up
[Da Brat:] If I Ever Let U Play
[Bow Wow:] Uh Huh...
[Da Brat:] Never Would Leave U On This Thing
[Bow Wow:] Y
[Da Brat:] Coz I Know For Doin My Damn Thing
[Bow Wow:] No Gas Liquid In This Young Fly Mr
I Could Turn A Honda To _
Shorty If I Ride Wit Ya Dat Wud Be A Nice Picture
If Somebody Say Chese They Akin' Bout Me
Like Heeeey
No Holla Back Though I Gotta Lotta That
I Could Hav U In Some True Religons Gucci Dis Louis Dat
Shake Wat She Gave Ya
Your Momma Would Be Proud Of That
Once I Get You Back Some
Ye Aint Gon Know How To Act
You On Fire
Oh I Think I
Oh I Think I Like Ya
Boy I Think I
Boy I Think I Might Just

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