Cleanser - Brand New

I can barely move
I can barely see where we're going now
The road is washed out from the river that flooded just north of town
We stick stick stick stick to the plan we laid out but we know their saying
The best best best best plans where both mice and men can go terribly wrong
And probably will, so please
Nobody speaks, nobody get any smart ideas
If we don't have any heroics we may just get out of here
And home to your families by dinner time safely and soundly sleeping
Cause we don't want trouble, we'll take what we came for and we'll leave quiet
Or maybe we will tear you up, take what you love, and burn it down, and burn it down

Nobody moves, nobody moves and no one gets hurt
Nobody opens their mouth and we have nothing to worry about
We'll keep keep keep keep you alive cause we always need bargaining chips
(For their lives, we will trade; thee will make your getaway)
We'll keep keep keep keep you alive cause you're pretty
And we need something to look at while we tear you up, take what you love
And burn it down, and burn it down
You swear to build, we swear to come and burn it down

Weighing the cost of the love you make
Make you again, yeah
Feeling the weight of the bones you break
Break them again, yeah

Weighing the heart (let 'em wait)
Sinking our teeth into (let 'em lie)
Her wants of life (here we are)
In magazines (tonight)

Break all the locks without the combination
I know where you're headed, I consider it mine
Went to the crowns without a planning or feeling
And keep me alert until the next valentine

Please cut me out, cut me out
Plot and make me the lover you wanted
When you were young and asleep
And I'm fine when you, you burn my core from a bottle
The lover you wanted while you waited so long

[Chorus x4]

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