Set on You - Brandon Heath

Just try to follow me
Cause I got something that I wanna say
And I know it sounds crazy
But I'm gonna tell you anyway
When I close my eyes lately I'm so far from sleep

As I lie mostly awake
You're always on my mind for as long as a night takes
Through the dark I toss and turn with you it's all I can do
I've got my heart set on you (set on you)

somewhere inside your eyes
you hold the deepest part of me
and maybe someday you realized
when you look in me
sometimes i wonder what you see
take my hand
so unafraid
you wash away the old
of me
nothing else can hear me
like you do
so you leave me no choice
there's nothing i can do
'cause i got my heart set on you

We're living out our destiny
God had plans for you and me
Way before eternity began
Sure as an age old burning fire
Your gonna see my hearts desire
Has found it's way to you
Where it belongs(where it belongs)
'cause i got my heart set on you

So as time goes by
As long as I'm with you
You'll know the reason why
Finding as I'm growing old with you
There's a love still brand-new
Cause I always have my heart set on you

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