Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel - Brian Wilson

(B. Wilson)

I don't know why she completes me
Why I'm the guy of her dreams
I don't know why I'm her hero
I'm not even sure what love means

Don't let her know she's an angel
Don't let her know
Don't let her know that you see
Don't let her know that she's touching me
I'm scared that she'll want to go free

I know I've tried to deceive her
Tricked her in love with me
Pretending that I don't need her
Love's full of such mystery

repeat chorus

Some things are best left unsaid
Some things should stay in your head
I scare her away with my caution
It's better that I take no action

repeat chorus

Maybe someday I'll tell her
Tell her what love means to me
Maybe some day I'll show her
The guy to make love to is me

repeat chorus (2x)

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