Something So Strange - Brian Wiltsey

There?s got to be a better way
to make it through the day
without my head spinning
round and round
I don?t like to pick and choose
but I also hate to lose
and now I?m backed in a corner
I was searching for a different you
and I found a different me
I?ve blown off some glances
and skipped out on dances
cause I was too na?ve to see
until Something so strange
walked into my life
I can?t escape it or
it cuts like a knife
Something so cruel (strange)
jumped in my car
Took over the wheel and
it drove me too far
There?s got to be a better time
to sit back and rewind
my mind?s made a list of pros and cons
With standards set so high
Higher than the sky
It?s no wonder that I?m still alone
You?re an average girl in a perfect world
Now I realize that?s all right with me
Because we?re all silent heroes
looking for someone to save
But there?s no one left so
we help ourselves get
through another day.?

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