Make a Plan to Love Me - Bright Eyes feat Styles

Uh, uh...
F_ck... the.. frail sh_t
Uh, cuz when my coke come in
They gotta use the scales that they weigh the whales wit
Carsons on the jeep, but Gotti made the prototype
Hoped you'd get the picture but you just can't photo light
Determined n_ggas make it
Kickin down the door and we burnin n_ggas naked
The house costs a million, sittin on the beach
and the only thing I know if it's furnished I'ma take it
My bathtub lift up, my walls do a 360
We got the sh_t that the government got
Talkin money then you rubbin the spot
Real n_ggas say that they be wildin
We on the Caiman islands
On a yacht wit our favorite albums
a bad hoe and a plate of salmon
Smokin and drinkin n_gga is you thinkin that our fate is violent
I love my n_gga for the fact that he real
and nobody on the faculty squeal, what
and if you facin capital pun, pass me a gun
and I'ma give you time to run, while I rapidly peel, uh

[HOOK 3X: Jadakiss]
We gon make it
we gon make it, we gon make it

I learned the game quickly, and I don't like to rent
So when I fly now I bring my cars on the plane wit me
In this case who's the loser
ran through enough coke for Castro to build schools in Cuba
Teachin kids how to read and write and use the ruger
Motherf_ckin n_ggas is back, Jada and P
We got water, (X, haze)
Plus weight in the D
and I'm tired of hearin about old n_ggas that had it
and be the same old n_ggas that ratted
[Who cares?] Talkin 'bout how we hawk n_ggas in they f_ckin back
Gun works official but n_ggas don't be wantin that
[Why?] Cuz they puss and they mans is lame
We so for real in the hood we make candy rain
I could easily send you to God
But come and see me at the Plaza Hotel I might give you a job
If you can't remember the name
All you gotta do is ask the dame for the n_ggas that deliver it hard...


Ja- da- mwa, I'll kiss you you b_tch ass n_gga
That the hood won't miss you you b_tch ass n_gga
Might find your man dead in the ocean
He be aight though
You know dead rappers get better promotion
Why we don't laugh at death, and cry at birth
Never say you can't do it til you try it first
Be the young n_ggas eager to pull it
but it's a message in everything trust me, even a bullet
Go to war with the eight and the pound
Think you got your ear to the street now, put your face in the ground
Cuz my shells is expensive
You'll know exactly why when you yellin in intensive
my fellas is offensive
Lucky cuz I got guns that crack your back
but that's not what I prefer I manufacture crack
and, n_ggas turn b_tch when you show 'em the steel
but we know how to bid so y'all go 'head and squeal
I'm comfortable far from home
Eatin right, gettin good rest either on the far or the foam
I'm the reason n_ggas got deals the past few years
Sound anything like Kiss then sign right here
and, y'all just talkin, I'm doin it well
Jadakiss motherf_cker I'ma see you in hell, what


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