Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man - Bright Eyes

He always gets so mad things you laugh at.
"Don't get so worked up." you'd say. but on the
back deck you admit that you haven't felt much
like laughing lately anyway. And so I say, "that
could change."

I noticed how you waste no time making your way
across the room. You leave a wake of tongues
still waving after you. And it isn't no coincidence
where you finally choose to stand. I guess soon
you will be leaving your man.
It's a sweet smile and then a denial. Hey, you
are just trying to be nice. But there is a meaning
to every fleeting action you unconsciously
decide. The clocks they chime. Now it's time.

I know you try and play it cool but there are
some thoughts you just can't hide. Only in your
closest friends do you confide. The way you say
you'll be seeing me, oh like it's so offhand. I
guess soon you will be leaving your man.

You stare at me so boldly now. You have no lack
of confidence. It's just those lessons on sublety
you missed. I know you dream of saving me
like I'm some plane that you couls land. But
when you fly you'll be leaving your man

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