Southern State - Bright Eyes

Well, the songs you sung spiraled and hung round like echoes or ripples on a pond
So you circled the globe spent a year on the road without ever going home
More than a couple of days then you leave right away
Run to a girl you barely know
But you like how she sings and you can't help but think
That there is something that she knows and could teach you
Well, you're sleeping in that southern state where the bars are filled with people you hate
But try as you try and you still can't relate to them
You drink that whiskey down as they ask you
Are you who you say you are?
The fact that we can't tell makes us like you even more
So you are trying again or just visiting friends
One had just had his heart broke
For the first time in his life he realized there are times
When you can't make it alone
So now you are giving advice as if you had the right
To use a word like love
It's a negotiable term, what gets said is not what is heard
So it's different then for everyone
But you've been hanging around that college town with your new life your new lover you found
And you are keeping her up at night bringing her down
She'll watch you drink yourself to death but she won't ask you
Is this really what you want?
Or are you just sticking with it now cause it's all you got?

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