Soda Pop - Britney Spears

Like The Great Poets Homer Agamemnon Or Even Zeus
We Takin' A Vibical Expedition
This Pop Ditty We Choose
So Be Calm Don't Ring The Alarm You See
'cause We Go On And On
Come Come Come Follow Me Britney

Open A Soda Pop
Watch It Fizz And Pop
The Clock Is Tickin' And We Can't Stop
Open A Soda Pop
Bop Shi Bop Shi Bop
The Clock Is Tickin' And We Can't Stop

We're Monster Riding To The Music Tonight
A Clever Way To Get By
The Pop Speak Flowing Like It's Fire And Ice
So Give It A Little Bly So


We Have A Plan We Have A Definite Plan
To Level The Vibes Again
Way Overdue For A Superlative Slam
A Wicked Time To The End So


So Much Pop We Losing
Sitting Watching The Clock
Turn The Temp Up Baby
Let's Go Over The Top
No One Else Will Do I'm Waiting For You
So Show Me What You Got Just Take A Pop Shot
And We Will Never Stop
Shi Bop Shi Bop

Jooks We Neatly Like We've Never Before
Dubbin' It 'til We Drop
We'll Flex Tonight Until They Break Down The Door
The Party Will Never Stop So


I Bet We Can Party Like We Never Party Before
And We Keep Comin' Back For More And More For Sure
Just Bubble We Britney When We Get On The Floor Yeah
And We Go On And On Until The Break Of Dawn


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