Walk On By - Britney Spears

I'm having a party tonight
Only you can make it right
If I can be with you holding you tight
There won't be more lonely nights

* Everywhere I turn
I see your face reminding me of a higher place
Everytime you smile, angels fly
Everytime you walk on by

** I'm not the only feeling lonely
Everytime you walk on by
I try to say something
But it comes out as nothing
Everytime you walk on by
(Everytime you walk on by)

I keep my cool, I pretend I'm not here
Everytime you come too near
I'm such a fool cuz this love is true
And if I don't tell you sureley someone else will

[Repeat * , **]

Feeling lonely

If I ever see you again
This craziness must finally end
And I promise myself

[Repeat ** , ** , **]

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