Where Are You Now - Britney Spears

Calling out your name, your face is everywhere
I'm reaching out to you to find that you're not there
I wake up every night to see the state I'm in
It's like an endless fight I never seem to win

* (But) I can't go on as long as I believe
Can't let go when I keep wondering

** Where are you now, what have you found
Where is your heart, when I'm not around
Where are you now, you gotta let me know
Oh baby, so I can let you go

I can hear your voice, the ring of yesterday
It seems so close to me but yet so far away
I should let it out to save what's left of me
And close the doors of doubt, revive my dignity

[Repeat * , **]

I should let it out, it's time to let you go
Oh baby, I just want to know

[Repeat ** , **]

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