Vivid - Brockhampton

Yo, get..
Turn that sh_t over boy

¿Como se dice? Don't touch on me with them dedos
I minimize all your credentials, I maximize all my pesos
I want that dance that can do it, give it to me straight, don't dilute it
I'm one-handed like Odell, numb the pain like Orajel
Up and down like gopher bear, hand on me like oh well
What that smell like, oh Chanel, way too deep like [?]
Need a smoking shot of whisky, down this b_tch like [?] Christie
Talking smack, oh don't get lippy, love on you, oh don't forget me

Radiation is present, got my reflection iridescent
Every little moment I step in, might shift a planets direction
Glitch in the system is present, you might wanna check that connection
I don't give a f_ck about freshmens, I don't give a f_ck about veterans
If your perception ain't ascending, it's the reason for extinction
All my energy, this sh_t only happens once in a century
It's elementary when all you speak is rudimentary
Paradiddles hidden and they don't stop at them accessories
So please don't get it mistaken, opportunities taken
Didn't wanna be patient, we had to fight for this thing
Ain't no acting complacent, they disrespect, they're too blatant
We play this spot from the basement, so tell me who you again?
Oh you, who's issue was that? But now you watched and you hating
You taking shots at revolvers, I got two drones at the station
Hit that b_tton, they might come and leave your legacy vacant
You paved the path we didn't want to get demolished with aging

Making money, get dough, tell me mommy princess, I said so
Even though my teeth not gold, baby girl know our pockets is full
Making money, get gold, tell me mommy princess, I said so
Even though my teeth not gold, baby girl know our pockets is full

Money on my.. Money on my..
N_ggas that I.. N_ggas that I..
Message that I.. Message that I..
Call her brother.. Call her brother..
N_ggas lookin'.. N_ggas lookin'..
Let my n_ggas.. Let my n_ggas..
N_ggas with that.. N_ggas with that..

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