That's What She Gets for Loving Me - Brooks & Dunn

She said what she wants is a man to be faithful
A true heart somebody willin' and able
To stay by her side through thick and thin
A tender touch every now and then

She's not hung up on fairy tales
Or some dream at the bottom of a wishin' well
Fancy cars or diamond rings
What she wants most are the little things

That's what she gets
That's what she gets
That's what she gets for loving me

At times I lay awake at night
Stare at her laying by my side
Knowin' there in her heart as she sleeps
She can forever count on me

[Repeat Chorus]

Whatever turns her on
I'm here to do it
Till the day they write my name in stone
I'll live to prove it

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

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