We Can - Bryan Rice

You take a sip and say you're trying hard to tell me
Then there's something 'bout a right to know
Pretty eyes, pretty smile, never looked so damn low
I say 'I love you', now you're cryin' much harder
Then you drop the bomb on me
A split second of doubt, then I kiss you baby
You don't expect nothin' of me
You've thought about it and you've made your plans
Now maybe we're not this
And maybe we're not that
But if two are in love, if they're strong, as we are
Then maybe we can...
I don't want to go. I don't want to leave
Whatever is a part of you must be a part of me
I don't want to choose. I'm already free
If any woman, any man, can get through it, then we can.
Now I ain't sayin' that it's gonna be easy
I ain't sayin' that its all downhill
But with the struggle's gonna come its own fair share of thrills
Why you pushin' me away like you are
Did they tell you that I'd run for sure
We'll I'm here, do you see me makin' for the back door?
You won't demand nothin' of me
I'd give you everything that I have
Maybe it is tough, and maybe it is hard
But if two are in love, if they're strong as we are,
Then maybe we can?
Chorus x 2

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