Let Em' Know - Bryson Tiller

Right now
You are now tuned in
Pen Griffey
I'm still going down
"Who is he"
Muthaf_cka' I'm him

I'm coming back for good
So let them n_ggas know it's mines
I already got someone is what you tell 'em every time
That sh_t ain't up for grabs
Where you at on the map
I come to where you at
F_ck around and end up your last
I won't hold back
I won't hold back

It's about time I do it
It's about time I say this sh_t
Spent a lot of time on the waiting list
Roll up the doja then blaze that sh_t
Who gonna give you love an insane as this
A-game girl, I bring that sh_t
I know you want the same last name as him
Him being Tiller he a solid young n_gga, he been real ever since
I know you been tense
I know we ain't had a conversation in a minute
But you know what they say
If it ain't broke then don't fix it, it's clearly not broken
It's just so unfinished
I feel like my new b_tch was just your apprentice
So we just got into it, here comes the ending
You said this sh_t would happen girl, that was your prediction
Said I'd never find no one like you and I should of listened
Who you f_cking with now is that any of my business
Whoever it is may not be finished


Hope you still feel the same way
Don't say the same sh_t to me you'll never change

Oh yeah
I said it wasn't straight, so fine
Can we do it like old times or nah, so fly
Oh why, didn't you
Tell me get my sh_t together and think it through
A n_gga just was sitting here not knowing what to do
Thinking sh_t like who's out there f_cking with you and who's keeping you comfortable

She gon' give me a second chance or nah
Did I make you fall in love again or nah
F_ck them other n_ggas you're mine
Hey baby

I'm so different
Nothing like them other n_ggas
Nothing like them other n_ggas
Nothing like them other n_ggas
Your so different
Nothing like them other b_tches
Nothing like them other b_tches
Nothing like them other b_tches
Coming back for good so let them..
N_ggas know it's mine..
Someone is what you tell 'em...
Every time
Every time
Every time........

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