Claremont Lounge - Bubba Sparxxx feat Killer Mike, Cool Breeze

[Intro - Bubba Sparxxx]
Haha, yeah
It is I (it is I)
I don't know 'bout all that other sh_t, can't call that
But beside this motherf_cker right here
This motherf_ckin boo
Hey that's me all day, all day, twice on Sunday
Hey what I motherf_ckin do I rap, I rap
Hey, what's happenin
God dammit
Get these pussies off me, will ya?
I love it, haha
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx]
I'm fittin to meet this b_tch up at the Claremont Lounge (at the lounge)
The money's low, but I dare not scrounge (don't scrounge)
Cause I'll be right back (right back) and the money'll follow
It's cloudy today, it'll be sunny tomorrow
I promise (promise), honest, every week let's do some other sh_t
Liver than that other sh_t, b_tch I'm still the f_ckin sh_t
I've got my publishing (check) and my royalities (check)
Never lost loyalty, it's Organized Noize and B
You b_tch, you already know the remainin
Let us jealousy, I don't entertain it (nope)
I got a cave b_tch (white girl), she's a cheerleader (pom pom)
I split a 12 with her (Miller Lite), she licked this here penis
Snatched her from a ballplayer, that wasn't playin ball
He paid for it all, but she wouldn't take it off (ha)
So I'ma take it off his hands, I know you heard of that
And I'ma murder that furry cat for a fact

[Chorus - Bubba Sparxxx - 2X]
I'm fittin to meet this b_tch up at the Claremont Lounge
The Claremont Lounge, the Claremont Lounge
And once she get a whiff of this, believe it's goin down
it's goin down, right now it's goin down

[Verse 2 - Killer Mike]
Floss, comin through L or Tampa on vogues (on vogues)
In Uncle Mooney's 'lac wit a hoodrat ho (Mooney)
She got three kids and about four goals (four goals)
She serve her pop ex and f_ck other hoes
She used to f_ck with this n_gga named Tone, that was on
Even frontin her the zones, 'til he died in born homes (*laughing*)
he was killed by a young n_gga creepin with the chrome
Took the money out the trunk and like sixteen zones
But f_ck that, let's take it back to the 'lac
Me and this batch laidback burnin purp sacks (okay)
High as f_ck, contemplatin million dollar plans (uh huh)
She a million dollar b_tch and I'ma million dollar man (million dollar man)
Only thing missin is about a million dollars (what?)
Sent her ass to the country with the work and a Impala
I gave her sixteen ounces and told her hold daddy down
And I'll meet you in a week at the Claremont Lounge (yeah)


[Verse 3 - Cool Breeze]
Hey look, I chillin in the lounge and this girl gonna walk in the bathroom
She said damn you look cute, but why you ain't got no tattoos
I said I didn't come to look cute, Cool came to cut (cut)
And damn you look cute, why you ain't got no b_tt (b_tt, ooooo)
Hey, walk back to my seat, I guess shorty felt dissed
Cause I see this s_cker checkin me, while I'm checkin the mix
So I walk over to him, bro I don't care who you wit
Man you better be like G-Rock and "go and get that b_tch" (go and get that b_tch)
I let Bubba security handle that, step back to the back
Man you ought to be ashamed to run your mouth like that
This my house, don't tell me how to do my thing
I don't like you, you really on my promotional team (ooooo)
See you could of got a cameo at the video shoot
See I could of got you a b_tch at the video shoot
But you to busy out here lookin cute tryna take your shirt off
If we was in a group, I'd have your microphone turned off


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