The Otherside - Bubba Sparxxx feat Petey Pablo and Sleepy Brown

(Verse 1, Bubba Sparxxx:)
I come, they go
I run, they slow
I ain?t saying that I did what I did
I just live how I live, cuz I say so
A whole single on my payroll
I?m platinum, they?re probably gold
B_tt kept bouncing, move a little ounces
Talking out loud, but I ain?t low
Wait for the day that Bubba came to blow
And get them fo?sho, b_tch can?t blow
S.V. style, you know what I?m talking about
Mo?f_cking bank account, you say Os
Need hoes to stay on their toes
The big play threat, I just may go
87 yards in the blink of an eye
It really don?t matter what you think of the guy
Cuz I?m eager to try this style, and that style
And stack piles of cash, while I say something
Dudes agile, get that wild
A bad child that turned good
Now, I?ve earned good, but I?ve earned better
That cush, please just sush, wuss
I?m the team captain, get your first letter

(Chorus, Sleepy Brown:)
You thinking you dead, boy?
Know where I?m at, boy?
I?m on the other side of the room
Your lady is risky
Tell her come get me
I?m on the other side of the room
If you came to party, let?s go get it started
I?m on the other side on the room
Whether you with me
Or you?re against me
I?m on the other side of the room

(Verse 2, Petey Pablo:)
I remember when we used to carry them things
Back in the days
Hot as a flame and I?m setting through the blaze
Homey, full of hate
Dollar bill full of cane
It?s the mister motherF_CKER with a hundred different names
Ain?t f_ck with nobody
Can?t roll no problem, diamond
Never could quite understand a man that never talked how to
Stay to himself (mimic gun cocking) Quiet as kept
With a coldness in his eyes that will scare you to death
I was on my way, man I had one foot in the grave
When I stayed contemplating about my last and final day
I?m supposed to be nothing, they were supposed to give me life in prison
Last pick, misfit, probably did a full twenty
Hey, I?m right here, head up
Got the whole world shaking for me?I said

(Chorus, Sleepy Brown)

(Verse 3, Bubba Sparxxx:)
Damn it, death in taxes ain?t the only certain thing certain
To come unnerved from out behind the closed curtain, Bubba skirting
What?s the word? You must have heard a lot of BS was asserted
Since none of us is perfect, wonder who it was that was unnerving
Not me, not you, grin and bear it? Got to
If they ain?t worried about you, then they ain?t worried about you
Hell, yeah, get it clear, disappear from out my hemisphere
If indeed you?ve got some business here, then state it crystal clear
All this fake innuendo from little minnows
Is gonna make the big goldfish unload on the fish hole
F_ck Cane and Nate, baby tell me that it?s it-so
I?d rather watch my momma get low than quit this, fo? sho, yo

(Chorus, Sleepy Brown)

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