Rose - Buckcherry

Started out with nothing but a beat up car and a new beginning but inside everything semed out of reach
Saw you there and you filled my eyes sent shivers up and down my spine I knew right then that you were meant for me

I drive all night thought about those days when the life I loved started slipping away stayed on track and I don't look back it took so long just to get it started

Give me what I want it's all about love and not about money
I don't want to stop I'll never give up it's sweeter than honey
I can't be here by myself 'cause to me theres no one else
You're as pretty as a rose I can't live without you

Back out on the road today the semi trucks and the nights on stage I got so many good time memories
Left a lot friends behind and still I kept this dream alive to live the life I feel insdie of me

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