Monkey - Bush

The Mind Is All We Kiss Everything
We Say We Love It's The Skin We're In
You're A Retrogade A Vacancy
You're The One I Love The Hate In Me

On A Lazy Day On A Darker Breed
To Have Is Not What It's Made To Be
You Come Alone On A Mass Attack
S_cking Your Tantric S_ck
Fooling Your One Eyed Cat

We Don't Mind
We Don't Mind
I'm A Monkey On A Drip
S_cker Monkey On A Drip

We Deviate Our Gravy Brains
Set 'em On Fire They're All The Same
I Am A Lionface
No Sancho Panza
I'm Riddled By You
I Could've Been Better

Repeat Chours

You Take Such Pretty Photos
When Will You Be Worthy Of A Good Side
Where Will You Be When The Clouds Break
And All It Takes Just A Little More Than You Have

Repeat Chorus

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