All Night - Busta Rhymes

Turn it up (ha ha ha)
Flimode (ha ha ha)
Busta Rhymes (ha ha ha)
Another banging n_ggas (ha ha ha)
Another banging n_ggas (ha ha ha)
Another banging n_ggas (ha ha ha)
Another banging n_ggas (ha ha ha)


All night
To my east n_ggas West Coast and dirty south,
we make ya wave your hands up high
Light L's and drink some liquor it make ya wild out
All night
To my n_ggas and my b_tches get money
If ya running with me
Wave your hands up high
A yo I can't see y'all
You know we hang out in the streets y'all
All night

Yes yes y'all
I be the god up in the flesh y'all
Bless y'all
With nothing but the best y'all
Finesse sh_t and leave the spot up in a mess y'all
B_tches, you know the street sh_t caress y'all
Sex y'all
And put a bounce up in your breast y'all
Yes y'all we about to taste the success y'all
And quiz n_ggas like a f_cking drug test y'all
And check y'all
And let the livest n_ggas step in
I keep the burner, what you think I'm turning mine in?
What the f_ck,
Now all my live motherf_ckers boggart or bring it straight to the front
And let me give y'all n_ggas just what you want
More fire for ya fresh off the press
Sh_t blazing to death
B_tches lust talking under they breath
Hope you n_ggas know to put on your vest
Or get a hole in your chest
Who in this motherf_cker
Take you a guess


Yeah-Yeah All my n_ggas
Yeah-yeah all my b_tches
Yeah-yeah all my thugs
Yeah-yeah all my soldiers
Yeah-yeah all my honeys
Yeah-yeah all my playas
Yeah-yeah all my live n_ggas c'mon
The grand finale y'all
Put it down and always repping for my family y'all
What, lets form a nation wide rally y'all
Of gutter n_ggas that will piss up in the alley y'all
F_ck it, now I know you know my rep n_gga
And how it's hard to figure out my next step n_gga
So step n_gga, n_gga sit your ass down
The way I mash down
Will only leave a legacy for me to pass down
Don't speak unless you're spoken to
Get broke in two
Flipmode we be the chosen few
Yeah n_gga entrap y'all
I know some n_ggas that'll clap y'all
And strap y'all
Up to a post and back slap y'all
Put y'all in a mailbox and leave open the flap y'all
That's the hap's that make n_ggas take forever naps y'all
Strap y'all all up inside of your seatbelts
The beats felt like a fire watch the heat melt
Your patent leather stack cheddar n_gga
Now or never
Better, whatever n_gga feel this hot Beretta
Cause when we come you know we hit you with that sh_t for the head
With nough sh_t just like the Lox and the dread
Me and my n_ggas we be breaking this bread
With all the blood that we bled
See we was broke, now we flossing instead
The sh_t I drop will never leave you mislead
Might leave you tired of bed
Sh_t ain't over till' the party is dead

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Yeah all my live b_tches let me see you just
Wave your hands up high
And all my n_ggas running around getting p_ssy
All night

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