Best I Can - Busta Rhymes

What the f_ck is you talking?
What you? Ayy bruh
Having boom in 8, I ain't-I ain't playing with you

I was so rude when you was tryna be a father
Always gave you drama, never took the kids to see your mama
And I, I know, it's what you tried to do
Took so much time from you tripping 'bout the child support
Paid 'em, made 'em raise it and you still bought 'em Christmas toys
Damn, I just want 'em
Putting up with me always took your joy
And had some sorry ass n_gga playing Daddy to your boy
And got mad 'cause you found a good woman, that's f_cked up
I know, it's what I'm trying to do
Oh you that much, know I owe him that too
He ain't the man he s'posed to be 'cause I ain't let him learn from you, damn
For walking away when I was yelling in your face
Making a scene in broad day because you brought him back late
'Cause you missed him so much you only got him one day, sh_t
It's what I'm trying to do
One a month because you was working overpaid
Little child support, I still asked you to buy new Js
Only spent a little bit on our baby
And know that your support really made a n_gga lazy
I'm just saying, damn
I could've done better
I know you didn't deserve it, I was thinking 'bout the cheddar
I was thinking 'bout that verse saying how you left me
For some other broad but I understand it, I was crazy
So, you did the best you could
You did the best you can, you still stuck around for good
And I appreciate, and I hope, I hope you see it, sh_t
And our son really needs you, damn

[Busta Rhymes:]
Damn is motherf_cking right
And I can't believe all of the sh_t you did just out of spite
I want a, I just want a
It's what I'm tryna do, sh_t
Thank you for making me a stronger man and something
Too many times you f_cking disrespect me in front of my son
God, I want to thank you
For allowing me to survive this, sh_t
Sorry that I called you, that I wish I didn't mean it
I never thought I would live to see the day that you would see it
I put up with your sh_t too many times I swear I wouldn't
And did it in front our son even when I get weak and thought I couldn't
But, I was taught to never raise my hand up to a woman
Should've got my sister to slap you 'cause you deserve a couple good ones
You deny the top of my son with this b_tch n_gga you harbored
Let him diss you in front of your kid when you here sh_tting on his father
Know I ain't perfect, I could be a better Dad
'Cause dealing with you helped me find a strength I never thought I had
And I wanna, yes I wanna
It's what I'm tryna do
I only want the best for my son, give me credit
N_ggas deal was right, maybe I coulda started tryna respect it
And I hate this tension building like food in a pot that's brewing
Like I'm s'posed to deal with this n_gga on top of the sh_t you doing
Now you motherf_cking crazy
You think I'mma sit around and let some n_gga you let come around ever come between me and my baby?
I wanna, yes I wanna
For biting off more than you could chew
Mom, Dad?
Hey little young kid, you should go play with your brothers
Go back downstairs where they at, let me finish talking to your mother
Go on now, thanks to my son for making me angry
The way I had to get up and go find a woman that makes me happy
The type of woman that teach him how to love his Momma
To help me raise him like a young man and treat his women proper
I wanna, yes I wanna
It's what you're tryna do, man

Hey Wes, you ready to do it to 'em again?
Well, it's only right queen
Let's show 'em better than we can tell 'em

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