Fire - Busta Rhymes


Busta Rhymes, 2000
We got the fire now
Come on!

[Verse 1:]

Hey, come on, hey
Whether it's from all of us
You best believe Busta rhymes more flavor than all the rest
From all the mess, h_rdcoreness from all the stress
Gotsta get this flawless flow from off my chest
Whose impossible folding impossible flow
Ain't a thing in the world that ain't culpable so so
I make you anticipate great
Type shape real live n_ggas appreciate
To the utmost I pack toast, keep the gat closed
Run n_ggas to the island I pack most
After the gun burst quench my blood thirst
We will be leavin' you much worse so one hearse
Yo, now we embellish f_ck the jealous
And they mark on n_ggas now what you gon' tell us
Skydiver, short circuit just like a live wire
And give it the n_ggas because we got the FIRE!


All my people in the place (Iyyiiiyyiiiiyyiiiiyyiiiii)
Just put your hands up in the air
And while we blow the spot and keep it hot
You got that FIRE!
Jump, shake, bounce when we come to you turn you out
It's Flipmode Squad that keeps on right your rightest place
We got that FIRE!

[Verse 2:]

Rock until I'm gone
Till the party's over and he start turnin' the lights on
Type of sh_t, right inside your whole crew be on
Be the bullsh_t, so keep movin' on
No I ain't havin' it
Why you grabbin' it, my flow is immaculate
Passionate when it comes to the fire that you have to get
Then I tackle it and kill like we Jackal and Jaffolit
Rob n_ggas and give it to the church so they can raffle it
Now you can distinguish how
Afro-English flowin' broke in English
Witness how we stay hot and how we keep us goslin'
Women flawsin' blow the spot often
(WHAT) n_ggas say (WHAT) you need to calculate
Re-evaluate the sh_t off so we retaliate
Marinate, when I give the hustle and carry weight
And bust up n_ggas like you would have the Bleat Estate
It's the n_ggas like y'all I hits for only when it counts
Black on the set and make motherf_ckers bounce
Connected the raw types of sh_t
To make your b_tch bug and make n_ggas pull out cake
Hey I think it's whack yo, I stack dough, and pack a rap show
And then let all of my n_ggas in the back door
And let the spot short circuit just like a live wire
And give it the n_ggas because we got the FIRE!



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